Stegosaurus License Plate

Minimum donation to purchase license plate: $50


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The Stegosaurus license plate features a blazing sunset over snow-covered Rocky Mountains and a symbol of Colorado’s prehistoric past, our colossal state fossil! The design was created by local artist Julia “The Designosaur” Williams at the request of Dinosaur Ridge.

At Dinosaur Ridge, our mission is to educate visitors about the fossil tracks and bones located at this special site, and to protect them from loss so future generations can enjoy them as we do now, in situ. Fossils can be lost to natural forces like erosion, and human causes like vandalism, theft, and in some cases being sold into private collections.

Fossils represent a place’s natural history and should be available for study and public viewing. This is why in 1973 the National Park Service designated the Morrison Fossil Area National Natural Landmark which includes Dinosaur Ridge, to recognize the specialness of this site and encourage it to be kept as is. Jefferson County Open Space owns Dinosaur Ridge and is committed to preserving and protecting the natural resources, while providing a delightful visitor experience.


When you make a $50 donation to Friends of Dinosaur Ridge, you will be given a certificate with a PIN# to take to the DMV, or to use during online registration that proves you met the requirement for the plate.